True Chlorous Water (TCW)


True Chlorous Water is for disinfection of exposed body parts, skin & all surfaces in risk of contamination. It is 100% Non-Toxic, contains No Alcohol, No Steroids and No Antibiotics. True Chlorous Water is safe to use around the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. It is 100% Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly.

True Chlorous Water: Electrolysed Water (H2O), Hypocholorite (OCL-), Hypocholorous Acid (HOCL), Sodium (Na +), Chloride (Cl-), Chlorate (ClO3-), Perch Lorate (ClO4-).



Registered and Approved by NPRA Ministry Of Health Malaysia
Non-Alcohol Sanitizer and Disinfectant
Safe For Kids
Water based sanitizer
CrisV Lab True Chlorous Water is a HOCL ( Hypochlorous Acid) Sanitiser & Disinfectant
* Alcohol Free
*100% Natural
*Suitable for Human Skins,Face and Hair Sanitizing
*No Bleach
*Eco Friendly
*Non Toxic
*Non Irritant
*Rinse Free
*Chemical Free
*Quick Dry
*Non Sticky
*Safe for Kids
**Not available for East Malaysia’s buyers due to shipping not allowed for liquids**


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